We are so excited for you to join us for the groundbreaking of our new kid's ministry building! God has been working through your generosity to the We Are Rock Point Campaign to grow our ability to reach the next generation for Jesus. We will be praying and worshipping over the land at every service the weekend of November 4th and 5th so join us at your regular service time!


We have been blessed by God to be the church home to so many in the Gilbert/Queen Creek area, but we are RUNNING OUT OF ROOM! Currently, we turn away children and their families at our highest attended services. Even with additional services being added in the future, we still will not have room to reach new people in the next three years. Our Special Needs program has been a huge ministry to our local community but has limited growth in its current space. In addition, we have reached full capacity for all classes and groups who currently use our campus, and we would like to be able to offer more to help those interested in growing their faith.

With the new Kids building and renovations, we will be able to see up to 15,000 people over five services every weekend. This increases our kids capacity from 1,800 to 3,750 and adult capacity from 6,700 to 9,200! This should allow us to keep reaching new families at our current rate until 2030. This expansion will also allow us to reach more people in the special needs community by offering a specialized service on the weekends as well space to host more classes and groups every week on campus.


Our new dedicated Kids building will be over 20,000 square feet and be able to host more than 750 children per service and over 3,000 each weekend. With its own family-focused patio and activity space, it will be a welcoming and fun environment for ALL families at Rock Point. It will also maintain our high level of security making sure parents know their kids are safe while they are having a blast learning about Jesus!


We will also be using this opportunity to expand and upgrade our existing buildings. This includes expanding our Worship Center from 1,400 to 1,900 seats, extending our lobby corridor to connect with the new Kids building, and improving our youth environments in Building B. This will also include an expansion and improvements to our Special Needs space in building B.


As well as creating a new dedicated space for our Kids ministry we will be renovating and expanding our B building to create a larger dedicated area for our special needs program. We have been blown away by the success and impact of our special needs program and our heart is to create environments where everyone can come learn and worship God in comfort and safety.

Our goal of raising $8 million can become a reality with your generosity and sacrificial giving. Look at the chart above and please prayerfully consider what God is calling you to invest in the next 24 months. Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness in looking to the future and asking “What if?”